Stroller Cleaning Service

Get your stroller looking (and smelling) like new again! Cleaning service includes: 

      • Thorough vacuuming - every nook and cranny. 
      • Wiping down of all surfaces. 
      • Foam extraction cleaning - next level cleaning to get the deep dirt. 
      • Wheel cleaning.

 Single Stroller $59.99
Double Stroller $69.99
Allow for 2 business days

Stroller Tune-Up Service

Just like your car, your stroller needs tune-ups to keep it running smoothly. Our stroller tune-up includes:

      • Removal, inspecting and cleaning of all wheels. 
      • Lubricating internal and external parts of the wheels.  
      • Inspecting, cleaning and lubricating all other moving parts, including adjustable handle bar, seat recline mechanism and brakes.
      • Inspection and fastening of all bolts and rivets. Replacing any that are missing.

Single or Double $49.99
Allow for 2 business days


Stroller Repair Service

               Are your front wheels fluttering back and forth like a shopping cart? Are flat tires a regular occurrence? Maybe your brakes aren’t braking so well these days.
Let us fix what’s ailing your stroller. We’ll order any required parts, repair your gear and get you and your baby on the way as soon as possible.