PUBLISHED: Tuesday, August 1, 2017 by Lilniblets

Medela Symphony Rental


Deposit and Charges

When renting a Medela Symphony Breast Pump we initially take a 100.00 deposit which will be returned back to you once the pump is returned in the original condition.

All parts/pieces of the rental pump must be returned when returning the rental pump.  These parts/pieces include the breast pump, bottle holder, instructions and case.  If any of the parts/pieces of the rental pump are not returned then you will be charged for the missing parts/pieces.

The monthly rental charge is 99.99 per month in addition you will also need to purchase the Medela Symphony Double Kit which retails for 79.99.  This item is not returnable once it has opened.

Your month will begin the day you pay for the pump, towards the end of the month period you will be contacted to see if you are planning on renting the pump for another month.  If you plan on keeping the pump we will charge you for that month.

Charges for the pump are terminated once the pump has been returned back to Li'l Niblets. 

For more information please email customer service at or call us at 416-249-9881